Links to PDFs work locally but not once they are in LMS

Feb 14, 2018


We seem to have intermittent problems with links to PDFs. We publish the course locally (all linked files are local), and when testing we can access each file. However, when we publish it to the LMS some links break. How can I prevent this? Is there a way to ensure the link won't break by using this folder story_content/external files? Is it a storyline 360 or a LMS (Moodle/Totara) issue? This has been an ongoing problem with these courses that have been saved multiple times over the past couple of years. 



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Julie Stelter

Thank you Matthew and Leslie! Matthew, I think you gave me a great solution. We have about 60 course to manage and each of them have about 10 pdfs unique to the course. The courses all look the same so there is definitely human error occurring- "You think you've done it, but you haven't error." I will try your solution. It sounds as if it'll take some of the details and nit-pickiness out links in SL which will reduce human error. 

Thanks again!

Ken Barney

Julie, also know that some LMSs are upper and lower case sensitive.  So if a PDF is named 'MyPDF.pdf' and the link to the file is 'mypdf.pdf' the link will be broken on these LMSs.  This may explain why everything works as expected locally but doesn't work when on the LMS.  It may also help to explain the seemingly random nature of the issue.

Julie Stelter
Matthew Bibby
If you want to make sure the relevant files are always available in the published output, you could use this approach.

Hi Matthew,

I'm trying the approach you describe above. I have created a web object within the course but when I publish the course, it doesn't create a web object folder in the story content folder. Any ideas?

Thanks for your help!

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