LMS and variables

Jan 06, 2014

Hi all,

I have a menu in my course which has a status for each section - passed/failed which is stored in variables.

It works really well in the session and even multiple sessions when revisiting a course but only if you click 'yes' to the bookmarking popup. If you click 'no' to 'would you like to return where you left off' it doesn't remember the variables.

Does anybody know how i can get storyline to remember the variables even if the user doesn't bookmark back?



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Gerry Wasiluk

During the first beta of Storyline this issue came up and many of us advocated for consistent storage of custom variables without the use of the resume prompt.  It is needed. 

IMVHO , tying LMS custom variable saving to just through use of "prompt to resume" is too limiting for some solutions.   I can see many solutions where you'd want consistent variables and yet on course re-start, the learner needs to start over or have the choice.

I'd enter a feature request for this for Articulate's consideration if you agree.  The more voices, the better.

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