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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Brandon,

The identifier field is used for your LMS to identify content, and when looking at the two places where I see it on my files (The "reporting and tracking button" and the "..." button next to the title box) both show me the same identifier that has been generated, so that they do match. If yours aren't matching, is it possible that you overwrote an earlier file and it's referring to the first identifier that was created?

Coralie GIRARD

Dear Ashley, 

I know this topic is quite old, but I didn't find the answer to my question, and it fits into the same topic (tell me if I should open a new topic).

I work on a course with different modules, each in a different Storyline project/file. When I check the Reporting and Tracking options, sometimes the "LMS lesson SCORM information" title and identifier are the same as the "LMS Course information" title and identifier; sometimes they are different. In the example I attached, what appears is "Competency Based Interviewing" and I don't know why... As the course wasn't developed by me at the first place, is it possible that the developers have entered this info manually? If yes, can I change it without any consequence on my course?

My problem is that I noticed that sometimes this information appears on the LMS. I am not in charge of managing the LMS, but I was testing the course and have seen that sometimes the "Competency Based Interviewing" information appears (and I don't want that because it doesn't make any sense for the learners).

I hope I was clear, and that the attached screenshot helps to understand my question.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Coralie,

Thanks for the screenshot here. You can manually adjust that identifier, and if the course was coming from another individual at first and/or they had used a particular template or player set up to start with it may be pulling in those items to start with. You could look at editing it to ensure it's set to match the title that you would like, and the Identifier field is designed to be a unique string set by Storyline so we dont' recommend changing it. Perhaps doing a save as or importing it into a new file will allow it to be reset on your side? 

Coralie GIRARD

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your answer!

The identifier under "LMS Course Information", I won't change it, of course.

But can I change the identifier under "LMS Lesson SCORM Information" without any trouble? Is it what you meant? (Sorry I just want to be sure... :) )

I would like to avoid importing my slides in a new file because it is quite a big course, and also because I already had to copy-paste by hand all the Menu and I don't want to do it again for all the modules... too much work (and no time!).

Thanks again! Have a good day!


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Coralie, 

Yup - sorry I wasn't clear! You should be able to change it there, as that section title LMS Lesson SCORM Information is picking up right from your Lesson title. The top section Identifier is the ID that Storyline automatically generates for the course. 

Glad that helps and hope you have a great day too. 

Karin Carlson

This is an old thread, but the page here that explains (partially) what the information on the reporting tab is for is also old, and not clear (for example, it mentions to not change the information in the "identifier" field, which is I assume the one under LMS Course Information -- there are actually 2 "identifier" fields...)

I'd like to know what the difference is between the "LMS Course Information" Title and Identifier fields, and the "LMS Lesson SCORM Information" Title and Identifier fields.  Also, what the Description field is used for/where that information shows up in the published course/ LMS (that question goes for all of the above -- what are they used for?)

Hoping there's a more current page, or that the answer is somewhere you can point me to.



Katie Riggio

Happy Friday, Karin!

I'm happy to review those fields with you. First, here's a more current version of the article you linked to:

Let's Explore Further
  1. What is the difference between the Title and Identifier fields in the LMS Course Information section and the LMS Lesson SCORM Information section?

    Identifier - LMS Course Information 
    This top Identifier is a unique string of characters assigned by Storyline that your LMS uses to identify your course. If you're republishing a course that's already in your LMS, don't change the value in this field.

    Identifier - LMS Lesson SCORM Information
    This bottom Identifier defaults to the Title of the project in a new file. It appears in the imsmanifest.xml file and is a digestible name for the top auto-generated LMS Identifier up on the same screen.

    Title - LMS Course Information and LMS Lesson SCORM Information
    The Title under both sections takes on the project file name.

  2. What is the Description field used for? Where does all the mentioned information appear in the published output/LMS?

    The text in the Description field gives learners a synopsis of your course. This text is seen in the imsmanifest.xml file—this file specifies the contents of the zipped package, allowing your course to communicate with a SCORM compliant LMS.

For visual reference, here's a screenshot of a sample Reporting Options window and the resulting LMS package is attached to the post.


Let me know if that helps!