LMS not recognising course complete

Hi all,

We're fairly new to Articulate Storyline 2, and our LMS... so not sure what has 'gone wrong'... but...

We've popped an Articulate Storyline 2 course that I've created into our LMS, and it has been successful when we test - with the exception that the LMS doesn't recognise that the course is complete at the end.

I've completed the final slide in the project, and set up the trigger on the NEXT button to "Exit Course" when the user clicks the next button.

I'm hoping that is the correct way to finish the elearning module, but the LMS still thinks that the course isn't complete.

There is a chance that the problem is with the LMS and not the Articulate module I've created... but we're checking both just in case.

Support and advice is appreciated!

Thank you!

Stevi-lee Hancock

(Learning and Development Officer - Townsville City Council)

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Stevi-Lee -- Wendy is correct and here is the link you can use to access the SCORM Cloud. If you do not see the same behavior in the SCORM Cloud as you are seeing within your LMS, you may want to reach out to your LMS provider directly for additional assistance. 

Also, here is another article that you may find useful: How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud. :)

Stevi-lee Hancock

Hi All,

Thank you all for your support!

Unfortunatly, a combo of troubleshooting, uploading into SCORM Cloud etc still has the module showing up as "incomplete"

We've been trying to brainstorm whats going wrong, and wonder if it has something to do with a branching scenario.

Basically, learners have the option to click through approx. 20 slides OR watch a video in my module.

Considering that learners will either go down one scenario or another, I had wondered whether the LMS/ScormCloud 'sees' that a person has not looked at every slide in the story, and therefore marks the module as 'incomplete'?  Would this be a possibility?