LMS not recording grade

Sep 28, 2017

Hi, This is making me pull my hair out! I'm hoping someone might have some answers.


Systems: Articulate Storyline 3

LMS: Success Factors.


Elearn is a simple assessment with an intro slide, question bank and result slide. The results slide has the trigger to send the results from the results slide to the LMS along with a Passed/Failed response.

This item is already live and working in the LMS (scorm 1.2), however I needed to update one of the questions, so I copied the source file and saved as a new version - edited the question - and republished (scorm 2004 4th edition as this resolved previous bookmarking issues).

When tested in the SCORM cloud, item works perfect, records grade and pass/fail.

However when uploaded to the LMS, it works perfectly, records my pass/fail, bookmarks correctly - however it doesn't record the grade. We are required to keep the pass marks for behavioural conversations and legal audits.

As it is passing the grade to the SCORM cloud, I'm assuming my elearn is working correctly but the LMS is not. However the LMS team say there is no change their settings or anything they can help with. Why would the original file work, but a new file that has only had wording edits not send the grade?

I thought it might have been because it was published via SCORM 2004 rather than 1.2 however could this be because when I copy the file each time for a new version that it adds extra data behind the scenes that the LMS cant read?





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Justin Burns-Grumont

another thing I have noticed is on the results slide I have the triggers set to:

show correct layer if passPercent is equal to or greater than scorePercent.

show fail layer if passPercent is less than scorePercent.


However these keep reverting to points instead of percent everytime I open the file and I have to change back again when I publish. could something be causing this and thus sending the wrong data to the LMS?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Justin, 

The triggers for when to show the layer shouldn't be causing any issues with us actually passing the score to your LMS - and as you mentioned it worked in SCORM Cloud too. 

I'd want to make sure you've also kept the trigger to "Submit results" when the timeline starts for that results slide? That's the piece to send it along to your LMS team. 

When uploading in your LMS, are you overwriting an earlier copy? Could you try a new copy uploaded to see if those behave differently? If you were overwriting a file on the LMS, things could get confused on their end as to which version you were taking. 

Also, one of the things I always like to recommend is that folks enable LMS debug mode - that's going to show exactly what we're passing to your LMS. It's a big of data and jargon to understand, but you could share that with your LMS admin and compare it to the version you'd also generate at SCORM cloud! 

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