LMS problem with Storyline Object

Aug 08, 2014

I've sent a Storyline zip file to our LMS administrator to load to our LMS (the LMS vendor is RISC).

Just the same as all the other zip files generated by Storyline I've sent them for the past 18 months, none of which have ever had a problem loading. I tested the file on a web-based LMS called SCORM Cloud, and the course works fine.

The LMS Administrator is telling me they can't upload this file. That they're getting the following error message:

Our organization is the Instructional Designer develop the courses, the LMS Admins upload them to the LMS. There's a firewall between the two, I am prohibited access to the LMS side. So I can't personally do any troubleshooting. As far as the LMS Admins are concerned, if it doesn't upload, the problem is with Storyline, PERIOD.

Anybody have any suggestions anything I might be doing wrong, or have you encountered this problem before?

The published Storyline zip file that works on SCORM Cloud, but that isn't uploading to our LMS is attached.

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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, John.

I've seen this notification message before (within SCORM Cloud ironically), and it's always listed as a non-critical error with no impact. Perhaps this is not the case for your LMS.

Although Articulate cannot support the modification of our published output, Jamie Jewer provides an interesting tweak here that might be worth a try.

Good luck with your project!

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