LMS Says 'Incomplete' even after getting 100% questions right

May 25, 2017


I have a SCORM packet published from Storyline 360 LMS publish settings. This is an eLearning quiz only module. I have set the pass mark in Results slide to be 100%.

During publish:

  • I set tracking 'Track using quiz result - Quiz Results".
  • I set reporting to Passed/Incomplete.

When I run it from SCORM cloud, I get 100% success pass mark. However,  the status in SCORM cloud still shows as 'Incomplete'.

Can anyone help please?




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Nish Upadhyaya

I think it is working now. I was using a Results template from the content library. I added another storyline default result slide and then compared. I noticed the 'Submit Interaction' trigger was missing from the content library Results template (or maybe I deleted it by mistake)! Once I added that trigger and republished to SCORM cloud, it was working. The results showed Complete and Passed. Thanks!

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