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Feb 11, 2021


I've created a quiz of 5 questions, in Storyline 360. I've published my content for LMS, SCORM 1.2. We are using Dayforce LMS (subcontractor of Docebo). I did the quiz in our LMS and I obtain 2 results. The status of the course stays at "In progress" (even if the course is finish) and I can see that in the results that I have failed (passing score required 80%).

In the "Publish" option in Storyline, in the "Status to send to LMS", I've tried every options and I always have the same results. I also imported my content to Scorm Cloud and I have the same results : Completion = Incomplete and Success = failed. FYI, I don't have any variable in my course.

Am I missing something in the options? I've read your articles and I did not find anything. Thank you for your help!


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Phil Mayor

You need to check that the results slide is tracking your quiz, that the course is tracking by that results slide. 

Status may never get sent see here https://articulate.com/support/article/how-to-report-completion-status-and-success-status-to-an-lms

You may want to check in Scormcloud and perhaps use xAPI if you can.


Marie-France Balleux

Thanks Phil. In the follow-up options, I've selected "When the learner completes a quiz, with my result slide.

I've followed your advice and I exported it in xAPI into ScormCloud. This time it worked! The training is completed and success failed (that's the behaviour I was looking for). Knowing that from this point, what should I do? My LMS do not support xAPI, only Scorm.

Sorry my screen captures are in French! 

Marie-France Balleux
  • Scorm 1.2 = Not working in ScormCloud (Completion = Incomplete, Success = Failed)
  • Scorm 2004 + xApi: Working in ScormCloud (Completion = Completed, Success = Failed)
  • Our LMS supports Scorm 1.2 and 2004.

I've integrated the quiz, publish in Scorm 2004 in our LMS and... It's not working! I don't have the same behavior as ScormCloud. It's always written "In progress", even if the quiz is ended, and "failed" as the result,