LMSCommit error while running Articulate on Moodle

Jan 08, 2018


I am experiencing a major error while going through a storyline course on our LMS (Moodle). At different (seemingly random) points during the course, a grey screen will appear in lieu of the next slide with no interactable opportunities. At this point, the console logs an error " Unexpected token < ". I have included a screen shot in the attachments. Additionally, I went over the course with the Scorm debugger and when the grey screen appears, Scorm logs a general exception error: 

LMSCommit("result", "false") => 0 

LMSCommit("errorCode", "101") => 0

LMSGetErrorString("101", "General exception")


I have included the full log in the attachments. Has anyone experienced this, or have suggestions?


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