Loading Screen Between Questions

Good afternoon!

We are experiencing an issue with testing the Mastery Test of a course I'm developing with 360 - the course gets stuck on a loading screen with three dots that populates in between questions. Has anyone experienced this previously? What did you do to address the issue?


Any advice or assistance would be much appreciated.


Thank you!!



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Sarah Sisson

Hi Katie,

Thank you for the feedback. I tested the course in the SCORM cloud yesterday. While I encountered the loading screen in the Mastery Test, it was not as severe as my test user's experience. 

Do you think that setting up the question feedback to jump to the next question vs. the "next slide" would make any difference?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sarah,

Jumping to a slide or the next question is likely the same, as they both are slides in Storyline. 

It sounds like it could also be a connection/speed issue if you're seeing some slow loading of slides. If you're able to share a link to the course with Renz he can test it on his connection to see how it behaves. That'll really help narrow down what's going on! 

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Stephanie!

That sounds frustrating, and I'm so glad you reached out to our Engineers. I see you're already working with Anna to troubleshoot the screencast behavior.

If you can share a sample file with her for testing, that would be gold. If that works for you, send it along by using this unique upload link from your case!

You're in skilled hands, and I'll follow along!