Locking Tabs to avoid skipping through course

Dec 06, 2021


I'm struggling to figure out the quickest way to set my triggers to avoid the learner from skipping through my tab slides? 

The Next button is disabled until the state of each tab is visited. However, they can quickly click on all 4 Tabs, and the Next button will go into a "normal" state. As you can see from my file - I have many slides in the same format, so I need to prevent the learner from just skipping.  

Thank you for any help in advance! 

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Stefanie Lawless

Good morning! 

There are a few methods you could consider. You can disable the buttons, adjust the layer properties, and more. Here are a few of those to consider in a blog we wrote just a few months ago: https://www.thearticulatetrainer.com/can-i-delay-interactivity-until-the-narration-ends/

I hope that helps!