Lockout from course once completed

I am trying to create a feature that prevents users from accessing course content once it has been completed. We don't have the option of managing this through the LMS, so I'm trying to use Storyline to create what is basically a layer that sits over top of the page and prevents the users from being able to click on anything else, but I'm having trouble getting this layer to come up. I created the layer on the last page of course content, which users can't navigate away from. The layer is triggered with a True/False variable and is supposed to come up when the variable is true.

The idea is that I want users to see the last slide, exit, and when they come back into the course, they would see the "expired" layer telling them they have already completed the course. However, the layer never comes up when you re-enter the course even though it's set to always resume on the same page. Is the problem that Storyline can't track the variable between sessions? How else could I accomplish my desired outcome?

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Yana Keyzerman

I do have the course set to always resume, so the user is forced back to the same page. I've put the variable on the page so I can watch how it behaves, and when you close out of the course and go back in, the value reverts to False, so for some reason it's not retaining. I've tried both having the slide revert to initial state and resume saved state, and that doesn't seem to have any effect. If I set the variable to change when timeline starts, the layer would come up immediately, which is not quite what I want. I only want the layer to appear when a user re-enters the course.

Yana Keyzerman

I see what you're saying, and that makes sense, but I still think we'd run into a problem. If that variable changes to True on a previous slide, the Expired layer would trigger on the target slide even the first time a user visits that slide. I want them to be able to see it on the first visit but have the Expired layer come up when the course is relaunched. It may not be possible to get it to work the way I'm envisioning.