Logo not appearing in HTML5

May 01, 2014

I'm working on a course which works fine in Flash but gives problems in HTML5, even when viewed in Google Chrome.

Firstly the Logo doesn't show up (a PNG file) but also the main menu I created doesn't work properly. The menu consists of images acting as buttons and their states are switched from disabled to normal by variables.

Any help much appreciated.



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Tony Youens

Hello again,


Actually the logo seems to have started to appear again. I've no idea why. However just to be clear on the button query I'm changing the state of each button when previous buttons have been changed to 'visited'.

As I say this works fine in Flash but simply refuses to work in HTML5. So button A gets clicked and then button B has the trigger...

Change state of... Button B to Normal when state 'all of Button A (ticked checkbox) is visited.


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