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Mar 31, 2014

Is there any way one can make a video 'loop' on a slide?  (i.e. play over and over again).

I've tried both video settings where you use 'Show until end' and/or Show always - but neither makes the video replay.

I might be having a blonde moment... but I'm really stuck!


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Douglas Spencer

This method isn't pretty but you could put the video on its own layer. After the layer's timeline is done use a trigger to show a new layer (call it repeat). Have the repeat layer hide other layers and when it's timeline starts add a trigger to show the video layer again. The infinite loop will play your video repeatedly.

Make sure your layers "reset to initial state".

Malcolm Hawkins

Hi.  I've seen (and used) several ways of looping videos over the last year. They did seem to work. However, they don't seem to work consistently now.  Whatever method I use the video does loop - once (i.e. plays twice) then stops. Surely if the loop sequence works then it should continue? Is there something that is stopping the video looping until otherwise stopped or a slide change is triggered?  Any help gratefully received!   http://all4learning.com/trial/ 

Prashant Patil

Hi Malcolm,

Have You kept the same video on different layers if you are you can try following methods - You can check the side layer settings and set them to reset to initial state or you can hide each layer explicitly on completion or on timeline start of another layer, they might solve your problem,

you can upload your story file so that we can take a look what exactly is wrong with your file

hope this helps,


Michael Hinze
brent hartley

This method and the method described on the Articulate website do not seem to work. Is this due to the Storyline 2 upgrade? I have two videos. I want the first video to play once and the second one play right after and then have the second video loop. Any ideas?

This option does seeem to be broken in SL2. I just did a test and the replay consistently only works twice then stops.

Louise Platiel

Just thought I'd throw another option out there that worked for me.  I got Replay with SL2.  I checked what the slide time was, and created a video file in Replay where I copied the video clip enough times to create one long file with all the repeats that is the same length as the slide narration.  Then I imported that into the slide.

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