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Jan 06, 2017

I have a bunch of motion paths on the base layer <aircraft moving around> which show three levels of turbulence.  A question <text box> pops up <located on a new layer> which states... "what level of turbulence is this? - click the correct one".   The only way I have found to "loop" the base layer animation is to set a trigger to restart course.  This causes the question layer to disappear as the course is restarted.  

I really don't want to duplicate scenes as I'm trying to keep my file size down. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

P.S In the screen capture, the aircraft are bouncing around at different intensities.

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Walt Hamilton

Not sure what you want, but here are some guesses.

To loop the animations:

    Move object xxx on motion path #1 when animation #lastmotionpath ends

To prevent the animations from pausing when layer shows:

   Deselect pause slide timeline when layer shows

To restart everything from scratch

   jump to slide preceding this one

  Set preceding slide with trigger to jump to this slide when timeline starts

   Set this slide to return to initial state when revisited


If none of those things are what you are looking for, use the ADD ATTACHMENT button to post your slide here with an explanation of what it does, and what you want it to do. Somebody here can probably help you.

Ivan Noel

Thank you Walt for your assistance...  Here is a copy of the file.  I am attempting to have the aircraft continuously move up and down <Turbulence levels> while showing the question simultaneously.   I tried the "restart course" but that messes up the layered question and building different Scenes is not my preferred option.  Any feedback would be appreciated!

Pete Rix

Hi Ivan,

Have you tried putting the animations on their own layer rather than the base layer? That might make things a bit easier for you.

Make a trigger to show the animation layer when the base layer timeline starts.

For the animation layer, make sure everything is unchecked in the Slide Layer Properties. Then add two triggers. First, Hide this Layer when the timeline ends for the animation layer. Then Show Layer animation layer when timeline ends animation layer. The combination of these triggers in this order should continuously loop the animation layer.

Lastly, for the correct and incorrect feedback layers, just make sure "Hide other slide layers" is unchecked to ensure the animations don't disappear during feedback.

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