Mac Error with HTML Presentation

Having issues when viewing my presentation on a Mac. My presentation has about three slides with several layers on each slide that lead to other layers with video. While everything appears to work correctly on PC, when I open the presentation on a Mac, and watch one of the videos, the layer that video was a part of becomes the only layer that will appear when I try to open other layers in the presentation. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Again, everything SEEMS to work on PC (with any browser). On MAC, every browser I've tried has this issue.

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Ali Goulet

Hey Anthony,

I'm sorry that's happening!

I'm more than happy to look into this with you- as it turns out, I'm also a Mac user 😄

I have a few questions to help nail down the culprit here:

  1. What publishing settings are you using?
  2. Where are you uploading the published output to when testing?
  3. Can you share your unpublished .story project file here so I can do some testing? You can add it as an attachment right to a comment in the thread. 

Thanks a bunch!