Maintain point values when relaunching a course that is being scored

Jan 12, 2016


I'm hoping someone can help me. We're creating a Storyline 2 course that has 4 videos. Each video has a few activities associated with it, and each activity has a point value associated with it. After each video, the activity is presented. Here's my question:

If the learner watches all four videos and completes the associated activities then exits the course and goes back in and wants to watch the first video again, will he/she be able to go back to the 4th video and move on and keep his/her same score they had before and continue on gaining points?

Would the 'prompt to resume' functionality work in this case, or are there additional variables that are needed? Also, there is no menu in this course, but I would think there must be a menu in order to go back and forth from one video/activity to the next.

Thank you for your help.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Carol,

Do you want them to be able to re-answer and change their score? If not, I'd force them to resume using that option and also look at ensuring the slides with the questions use the revisiting state of "Resume saved state". If you don't have a menu in the course, they'd have to navigate around using the player buttons or other buttons you've set up. 

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