Multiple chapter course - how to organize and include variables

I am creating a large multiple chapter course with one chapter per Storyline file.  Currently each chapter has 3 Storyline scenes.  The first scene contains a video presentation that I want the user to be required to watch at least once.  The next two scenes are an activity group and a quiz. 

I would like to set up the course so that the activity group and quiz scenes do not appear until after the video is viewed once.  I also want the course to "remember" if a student watched the video so they are able to access the activities and take the quiz as much as they want to without having to watch the video again, even if they close the course and come back again later.  

I could create a separate Storyline file for the video and set the LMS to only assign the activities and quiz Storyline file once the video course is complete, but I thought that would be confusing for a new user and cumbersome to manage as part of a multiple chapter course.

Does anyone have any ideas of how this could be constructed?

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Caryn Stets

Thank you Donna - the True/False varable worked within the course.  Now I am trying to figure out if I choose "Always Resume" on the player whether the variables that have been triggered on previous visits to the course will remain.  We want the student to have to go through the instruction at least once before they are allowed to proceed to exercises and the quiz.  Once they have met that condition of going through the instruction, we want them to be able to navigate wherever they want when they access the course.  My concern is that if the user completes the course and wants to go back to do an exercise or re-take the quiz, they won't be able to just do those things from the main menu. 

There is an "exit" button on the results page of their quiz.  I wonder if it is possible to set a variable that says that if that exit button is clicked, the states of the buttons on the Main Menu will have an initial state as "Normal".  Similarly, I wonder if I could add an exit button to the end of each scene that has a variable that states that all of  the initial states of the sections completed will be normal when the user returns. 

Is this possible?  How would I do that?

Thanks again for your help!

Helen Tyson

Hi Caryn

The Resume function, whether you pick Always Resume or Prompt, will hold the variables triggered by your users previous attempts so they will be able to access the exercises and quiz again for second and subsequent times.

However one thing to consider is the 'Revisiting' State of the slides that you'll find in the Slide Properties (bottom right when you click on a slide in Story View). Most slides will resume in their initial state so you can play them again, but quiz questions normally 'Resume Saved State' therefore keep your previous answers. So if you want to allow users to take the quiz again you can change this option in the properties.

Other things you could play with to see how they imapct:

  • Select 'Allow users to retry quiz' on the Results Slide options - this will take you back to the first question with the previous results removed
  • Use the Restart Course trigger - this will completely wipe all your users inputs and set everything to it original state forcing users to take the whole course again as though it were their first attempt



Caryn Stets

Thank you Donna and Helen for getting me this far!  I have one scenario left that I am wondering if you can help with.  The user is able to close and resume the course until they have completed it by passing the quiz - how do I set the original tabs to stay at state "normal" upon all subsequent visits to the course?

Donna Morvan

Hello Caryn,

I've been thinking about this for a while. I am not sure that there is a way to retain all the states for subsequent visits. It's almost like we want to completely change the behavior for the next time it is launched.

The only workaround I can think of right now is to edit the Player settings and the options under "Other", make sure to set to "Always Resume" for restarting the project. This way, it should pick up from where they left off last time.

See if this will do.