Major Subtitles bug in last three months of Storyline updates?

We use branching to provide both Spanish and English subtitles in our courses. Since the latest updates there have been serious bugs, in which the Spanish subtitles will publish onto both branches, despite there being no issue in the preview file or the structure of the unpublished file. There are even be double subtitles in the Spanish side where the Spanish subtitles publish twice on top of each other. 

Here is the review 360 version containing the error (from the January 28th update, same results on other recent versions):

Here is the same file published as HTMl5 with the September 24th version of Storyline 360. (This version has its own issues which we had hoped updating would solve, including the first English branch not having subtitles despite them being in the file, and the timeline resetting the media every time it is dragged.)

Has anyone else experienced this? Thank you.

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