[MAJOR] Translation Issues

Sep 17, 2021

I have had success in the past translation Rise courses (using the XLIFF export option), but I have a major deadline next week for a project and cannot successfully import the translated file into our four large Storyline blocks. It says the XLIFF import is successful but there is absolutely no content showing up.

Please someone help! I am attaching our first block but will need to know how to apply the same solution to the three remaining blocks. 

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Thor Melicher

Hi Melissa,

I took a look at your file and I noticed that the structure doesn't quite match what Storyline needs to have a successful import.  Notice in this small excerpt that the <source> has 6 lines of code while the <target> only has 1 line of code:

For this small part to work, this section should look like this instead:

Fixing this file by hand would be tedious but if you've translated a XLIFF file by hand before, perhaps it wouldn't be too bad? 

Perhaps the Articulate support team will have a more doable/user friendly solution?

Good luck!