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Bruce Graham

Geert De Rycke said:

Hi Bruce,

your correct in that.

Now is this still the case after Update 2;

It happens that it has just come out today and some fixes related to formatting were solved...

I haven't updated SL yet so...

Do you feel the 'guinea pig' ?



Still the same.


Peter Moore

Hi - This is a very old thread but this problem still exists in SL 360. 

1. Create a text box. 12 point Arial; 0 (zero) internal margins all the way around; Autofit set to 'do not autofit';Center Alignment

2. Right+Click on the text box > "set as default text box"


Test to see if it worked...

3. Insert > Text Box


Arial 12 pt (good so far) but other parameters that I want for the default text box have not been applied...

  1. The internal margin is now 10px left and right and 5px top and bottom (not 0)
  2. Autofit is now  "resize shape to fit text" - not 'do not autofit'
  3. The box is left aligned - not center.

(See before and after screenshots.)

I find I'm constantly having to manually set text box parameters because this default functionality has not been fully implemented or is still a bug waiting for a fix.

The other thing - related to doing this all the time is that it would be great if the "size and position" and "format shape" pallets could operate more like similar pallettes do in other applications.  i.e. When you open them they stay open until you specifically close them or re-dock them.  Sometimes it feels like I'm playing the same tune 20 times a day CTRL_+ ENTER and CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER to re-open these modals.

What we want

what we get




Brett Rockwood

Hi Leslie and Peter,

This has driven me nuts for a long time. I was about to create a new post about it but thankfully searched for the topic before opening my big mouth and found this. Absolutely, why does setting a default text box not retain edits such as line and paragraph spacing, internal margins, justification, etc.? As far as I can tell it only picks up the font and color.