Storyline 2 - Radio button alignment & Text box default


Does anyone know how to make the radio button centered in the box it exists within (see attached image)? I have tried centering it and I reduced the margins of the text box to 0px. The way that it is effects overlap and also means that when I align it to the center of other objects, it does not appear centered.

Also, I would like my default text box to be 'Do not autofit' and 'wrap text in shape'. I created a text box with these setting and selected 'set as default text box', but the settings are not holding. I have tried Insert --> textbox and ctrl t.

Any ideas?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Crystal

I have found this too.  When you first create the radio button it is out of alignment

then I just go up and change the alignment to centre and it normally'll notice it increases the size of the box surrounding the radio button - and if you try changing the size of that surrounding box it throws it out of whack.

  Sometimes though, I have played around and had to change the alignnment to centre, right justified and then back to centre to make it work.

What doesn't change when the radio button looks centred is the hover state and I haven't been able to successfully change that.

This was done in SL1 - but behaviour same for me in SL2


Carol Combs

Just catching this conversation. I think this is the problem I am experiencing. If someone could help me out - I would be very grateful. 

In the standard quiz template, radio buttons are centered with the answer options. It remains centered as you add additional lines. Further, it appears that the text and radio button are grouped together in an outer box that I can fill with color. How can I duplicate this in a custom quiz?

Appreciate any help you can offer.