Making something turn


I was wondering if anybody can help me.

I have a circle with information on it, and there has to be another circle with a pie slice cut out of it on top of it so that only part of the circle below is shown.

Then there is some buttons and as the student clicks on it, the bottom circle has to turn so that other information is shown.

Can anybody help me to do this in articulate?

Thank you


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Elma Marais

Hi Gary

Yes, that is the idea.

I think I know how to do that, it is layers with the circle at different angles. Am I correct?

I originally build it in flash, but as you know flash can't be played on Ipad. I am looking to recreate the easy turning motion as I had in flash, but can't seem to do it in articulate. It is a very stumpy turning motion.

Is there no way to get the smooth transitions that one gets with flash?

Thank you

Cary Glenn

You are right I did it by just creating layers. Storyline isn't able to do motion graphics natively yet. You might be able to do something with Jerson's method found here:

You could also create the graphic and movement in PowerPoint save it as a Windows Media Video. Place the video into your Storyline course, and crop it to size. Go to your pie chart, edit the state and add a custom state and then paste in the movie. It kind of works, see if this is closer to what you are looking for on the second slide.