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Aug 10, 2016

My client wants to completely remove the stock Storyline Player (Tabs, Features, and Controls) on their e-learning courses. Instead, they would prefer to have customized navigational buttons/hyperlinks. 

I'm attempting to convince the client that using the Storyline Player serves a variety of functionalities and can help with the overall development time.

Does anyone have any stats or case studies in regards to using the Storyline Player vs. not using the Storyline Player?  

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Brian Allen

I think that the strongest case can be made for using the built-in player controls IF your client needs some of that functionality, such as course menu, notes and a resources tab. Another biggy in using the built-in player is if your client needs a seekbar or a volume button. Most of these are features that either can't be built using custom navigation or take a tremendous amount of time to build, such as a custom notes feature.

I generally use customized navigation in most of the courses I design. Going this route gives me more control and also gives me the ability to style the navigation any way I want.

You have a bit of development time upfront in creating the custom navigation but once you get it built then you can use it as a template for building subsequent courses, thereby saving you some development time.

Ulises Musseb

If you are convinced that the best way is using the player settings for navigation, I'd show the cost of creating customized navigation buttons and links (with all the triggers that it takes at times) vs the cost of just making a few clicks in the player settings.

Sometimes that speaks volumes to clients.

There's nothing wrong with customized navigation, but there is a cost added to the work it takes to build it from scratch and customize it for a specific course. Maybe the cost involved in it can help you build the case.

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