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I have a marker with audio and a picture on it, and it's always worked fine, showing the picture and playing when clicked.  Now, I am not hearing the audio, although if I set the marker to audio only, it plays.  Have tried, show all on hover and still hear no audio.  Not sure how to fix this!  I have attached the slide.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Frances

Have you tried adding the audio file to the slide and adding a trigger 'play media when user clicks / hovers the marker'.  That's what I normally do, I have loaded video into a marker no problem but I have never done it with audio...I have always loaded to slide and triggered.


Frances Steinberg

I can do that, but I'd love to solve this.  I have had this working fine before, and had audio on another marker as well, but now neither of them are operating.  The audio is clearly there, it's on the markers, but there's obviously something that is not currently functioning.   When it works, it's a lot easier than setting the triggers.

Frances Steinberg

Hello, Ashley.  Thanks for that.  The weird thing is that the first three times I published the story it worked great--made some revisions because of the video issue, and the audio on the marker wouldn't play on the new version.  Will add the trigger now!  Cheers,


Linda Herring

Hi All,

I totally agree with Wendy that there should be a central repository of known current bugs and workarounds for each product that users can access rather than hunting and pecking through the Forum hoping you happen upon the right wording in the search function.

Almost inconceivable Articulate wouldn't have it except perhaps because it would highlight the number of issues outstanding for a product.

Regardless, Articulate owes it to paying customers to take proactive action to inform users of issues so we don't waste precious time. For example,if I know marker audio doesn't work in Update 2, I can take action to either not use it or  incorporate the work around. This would save invaluable  time on so many levels.

I believe this issues of audio markers created in SL2 update 2 was brought up in another thread a month ago. Knowing that could have saved Frances and Wendy time.

I'll submit a feature request also.

Thanks and best regards.

Linda Herring

Ashley, I think this type of resource would go a loooong way to support users and reduce frustration, not to mention saving users time and money. I personally would have more of a comfort level purchasing a new release (e.g., Storyline 2) if I could see what the issues are as they are discovered. I know nothing comes out perfect (I've worked in software development), but it's the unknown that causes me concern. As in the markers -- I don't want to build a lot of marker interactions with audio to find they don't work. 

This lack of a central up-to-date listing of issues being worked has me hesitating to upgrade to SL2 at the moment. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Linda, 

I understand your concern, and we really appreciate your suggestion. Would you happen to have some examples that we could look at that would give us a feel for what you're looking for? You could share links to them as a part of the feature request or share them here in the forums as well. 

Amanda Young

I have just downloaded and installed this version and still seem to be having the same issue.  I also noticed that if you go into format the marker, you cannot select "Export Audio" from the menu.  Nothing happens when you click on it.  You must go into the audio editor in order to export the audio.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Amanda,

The latest version we're on now is Storyline 2 Update 7 so perhaps you'll want to ensure you're on that version which is accessible here. Is your issue just with exporting the marker audio or the original issue described above with audio not playing if set to "show all on hover"? If so, are you able to test that in a new file as well as the current file you're working on? 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Amanda,

It sounds like you've got a method that'll work for you, but if you'd like to share a copy of the .story file here with us I'm happy to take a look at it. Also just an FYI that responding via email includes your signature here so you may want to look at editing the post to remove that information if you'd prefer for it to not be here publicly.