Markers don't function if clicked

Hello !

I'm working on SL2 with markers and they work fine when you hover over it.

However, if clicked, the text doesn't appear. It only shows a tiny blank text panel.


Am I doing something wrong ? Is there a way to make it work ?

It works fine on mobile device when clicked but not on PC.


Enjoy your holidays,


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Marie

If you are having the user click the marker - when they hover that marker they will only see the Title then on click will see the description text.

If you are having the user hover the marker - when they hover they Title and Description will display. See attached video

This is expected behaviour not a malfunction - if something else is happening you can upload the slide here using the 'add attachment' button and someone can take a look, or you can log a support case with Articulate.