Marking a course complete if they take the quiz, but also show the quiz results in LMS

Jun 25, 2018

Sorry if I missed if this was covered already but I could not find a thread on it. We want to record the assessment % in the LMS but also mark the course complete if the learner has gotten to the results page, regardless of score. 

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Curtis Wiens

Yes, I have seen this. But the incomplete is still tied with assessment results. If you put it to 0% for passing it will not record a score on the LMS, it always records 0. I need users to be able to get 0% correct but have it still mark complete or get 50% correct and have it marked complete or 100% correct and mark complete etc... Make sense?


Curtis Wiens

I figured it out yesterday. Honestly not quite sure why it works but it does. When I set the passing score to 0% on the results page it would mark the course complete but not record the results in the LMS (cornerstone). I added a JavaScript call to set course complete and now it works fine. It records any score they get and marks it complete. 

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