Masking sidebar menu


I created a Storyline presentation with a specific player. The player includes a sidebar menu, but I would like to mask the menu from several slides (pre-and-post tests).

I need guidance with doing this....

I created a second player which I named it differently and I checked off the "Menu" in the sidebar option. I tried to assign these slides the player with the new player, but it did not work.

Any suggestions?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Achikam,

If you enable any of the four built-in Storyline tabs (Menu, Resources, Glossary, or Notes), by default these will appear for all slides in your course. But if you want to show some of these tabs only when learners are viewing certain slides you can do that by checking out the Slide Properties tutorial.

Hope that helps! 

Achikam Oren-Gribnerg

Thanks for the tutorial, it was useful.

However, when under Player feature in the pane area on the right I used the Custom for the selected slide and unchecked the Menu and Seekbar the slide menu on the left was still there in Preview.
I basically would like to control which slides will have its menu on the left and which not....
Any thought?
Achikam Oren-Gribnerg

I guess what I'm trying to achieve is to be able to hide some of the titles of the slide under the Menu section on the left hand side. For example, in my course I'd like to hide (mask) the pre-and-post test questions. 

I can either turn on or off all of them, but not selectively.

Daniel Brigham

Hi, Achi:

As Ashley mentioned, you can turn off the entire menu for certain slides. To see how it all might work I'd suggest previewing the entire project. I've attached a basic example.

Now, if you are just wanting to hide certain slide titles in the menu, you can go to "player" and then to "menu" and then delete the titles so they don't appear. Of course, making this global change they won't ever appear. Does this help? --Daniel