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Nov 30, 2016

I would like to disable the forward/back buttons in the player and use images to advance slides.  One thought that I have is to use a trigger on the master slide to do this (e.g., one image to jump to the previous slide, another image to jump to the next slide).  My issue with this is that I do not want to "jump to next slide" but have the ability to jump to a specific slide.  Is there a way to do this with a trigger on the master slide?  Going forward and backward to specific slides?

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margit g

Hi Fred, the only way to do this on the master slide is to use variables and trigger conditions. Depending on the number of your slides you need many triggers.

You would use a trigger with Jump to Slide 1.3 when variable "page" is equal to 3. And you would have to set the variable on each page. 

I think the better option is to place the images on the master slide and add Hotspots with the jump to trigger to each slide.

Fred Volkman

Margit - Thanks for your response!  I was leaning towards using your method, but I was hoping that there was some other way of doing this process.  The other issue that I am running into is that my "forward" and "back" buttons are actually images with states (hover and selected) and that I would like to continue to use those images, and states, instead of having a hotspot act as my trigger.

margit g

Hi Fred :) I did something similar and it is possible but it is a bit complicated. I have forward and back buttons with an animation when hovered and when mouse leaves. Which leads me to a similar problem you have now. Is there just a hover and select state you want to use? 

I try to explain it:

Use a rectangle instead of a hotspot over your navigation pictures on each slide. Set the rectangle to 100% transparency. Add two variables like "hoverback" and "hoverforward". Now add triggers:

1: Adjust variable hoverback to true when state of rectangleBack is equal to hover

2: Adjust variable hoverback to false when state of rectangleBack is not equal to hover

Set up the same triggers for hoverforward.

To proof that everything works add a rectangle and reference both variables. You should see now, that the variables are true when you hover and false when you leave. 

Next step is on you Master Slide add 2 triggers:

1: Change state of pictureBack to Hover when variable changes hoverback: Condition hoverback euquals true

2: Change state of pictureBack to Normal when variable changes hoverback: Condition hoverback euquals false

Set up the same triggers for hoverforward.

I am not shure when you will use the select state as it won't be visible for a long time because you jump to another page. If you would like to trigger the selected state as well you have to use number variables instead of true/false and set the variables to something like this: 0 no hover, 1 hover, 2 select. Simply change the above triggers and it should work fine :)

I hope this helps :)

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