triggers/buttons at bottom of all slides not working

Nov 12, 2020

I have buttons/triggers at the bottom of all my slides (custom navigation).

None of them appear to be active on hover or click.  It seems that the classic player isn't picking up any triggers at the bottom of the screen.  When I shift to the modern player however the buttons and triggers work.

Any thoughts?



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Ren Gomez

Hi S,

Walt's correct here! To confirm, we have a bug reported where:

In the Classic Player, part of the objects on the bottom edge of a slide are not clickable if all the bottom player elements are hidden for the slide.

I'm sorry if this is slowing your projects down, and I'll be sure to add your experiences to our report. We'll jump back in here when we have any updates to share on a fix!

Logan Stahler


This is a VERY frustrating "upgrade" that has now broken any projects I try make from existing custom templates. Articulate needs to find a fix - I don't want to be forced into the modern player since our custom player (based off the classic player) no longer works after a recent SL360 update. Can you please provide some info on this? Moving buttons up on the page isn't an option for us...


Ren Gomez

Hi Logan,

Thanks for the follow-up, and I'm sorry the recent update and subsequent bug appearing is causing such pain for your projects!

I'll be sure to share your experiences with our team, though to help you plan, it's unlikely to be fixed in the next couple of updates.
For now, we do recommend using the Modern Player or enabling player navigation. If you'd like our team to take a closer look and see if another alternative can be provided with your specific .story file, feel free to share it with our support engineers.
We'll be sure to update everyone here on any progress.
Kelly Auner

Hi Chuck,

Welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community and thank you for your feedback!

This helps us understand what will be helpful to you. We are currently still tracking this bug and recommend using the Modern Player or enabling player navigation as a workaround. I have added your comments to the case, and will be sure to update this discussion with our progress.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to our support engineers if you need further assistance. We'll be happy to take a look at your project!

Chuck Sampson

I appreciate the feedback Kelly.  It would be great if the "bug" could be fixed.  I use Storyline 3 and do not have the ability (that I'm aware of) to change to the Modern Player.  Support Engineers have also seen the project; recognize the bug issue, etc.  I use Storyline 3 because that is the authoring software authorized on our government systems.  I also do not utilize the player navigation buttons because of the "jumping around" that is needed due to training remediation, etc.  Moving the custom navigation buttons up (as suggested by support) doesn't work for the design either.  For now the only workaround I've found (which isn't the preference obviously) is to make the player navigation button colors transparent.  For whatever reason, the custom navigation will work if the player navigation is turned on.  Must be a hard fix since this issue has been around awhile.  Thanks for your time and I hope this issue is fixed soon. 

Bryan Tregunna


I have custom buttons in my Classic project, too and these seemed to stop working.

However, I discovered that I had a slide elsewhere in the project that had Player buttons active.  Having unchecked these, my project is back to "normal" and I have fully functioning custom buttons again.