Max attempts at quiz and then retake entire course


I have a training course that is set up with a main menu and about 6 different "chapters" (scenes) that somebody must go through, followed by a quiz/question bank at the end. The main menu has variables on it so that a user can't read chapter 2 before chapter 1 is done/variable for chapter 1 has changed. (No skipping ahead, busy people!) Then on my results slide fail layer, I have a "retake quiz" button that has a count variable on it where it will allow users to retake the quiz exactly once before the button changes state and disappears with the new state.



I'd like to have a second button that appears when the person has failed the quiz twice (so, when you can no longer see the "retake quiz" button) which forces someone to retake the entire course.



1. I can't just have a trigger on the button go back to the main menu because all the "chapter read?" variables have already been turned to true so they could just jump right to the last chapter and take the quiz. I want to force them to start at the introduction and go on. I also can't change the revisiting the slide options to "reset" because then each time they complete a chapter and are brought back to the main menu, the states change for the boxes once the chapter is read and the person is then able to advance to the next chapter.

2. I thought about maybe trying to come up with a variable that would change ALL my chapter variables back to the original state of false when the user clicks the retake course but that's a bit intimidating for me. (I'm a bit of a beginner in creating eLearning... despite the million variables I have in this presentation that I somehow have working properly, ha)

3. I thought about having the button trigger set to exit the course when they click the "retake training" button but and then they'd just have to re open it from our LMS but that seems a bit cumbersome (and I don't know how to set up the publishing settings yet where they wouldn't get credit for that first attempt yet.)



So.. SL2 pros... WWYD? What's the best approach to take?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Gloria -- Many thanks for reaching out with your question! And while I will defer to your fellow community members to weigh in with their specific ideas and suggestions to accomplish what you have described, I thought you might want to check out the following similar discussions:

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