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Katie (Gokhshteyn) Riggio

Hey, Sam. Great question!

Out of curiosity, what size is the .mp4?

Although we don't put a limit on video file size, its inclusion and playback will depend on the system resources (and your learners' bandwidth). If it's cumbersome to add a large video directly to Storyline, one approach could be to host the video externally and embed it into your course.

If you do come across any hiccups with the video, be sure to let us know and share the .mp4 with us by clicking here. We'll take a close look and let you know what we find!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sam,

If you've inserted video files into your course, Storyline progressively downloads those videos (except SWF movies) in published courses. This means learners won't have to wait for each video to fully download before it begins to play.

Here's how Storyline handles different video formats:

  • MP4 and FLV videos are natively supported in Storyline and will progressively download by default.
  • SWF movies are natively supported in Storyline. However, they won't progressively download.
  • Storyline converts all other video file formats to MP4 and progressively downloads them in published courses.

In some cases, you may have an MP4 file that isn't properly formatted. As a result, learners may experience a long delay while the entire video downloads. If you have an MP4 file that takes a long time to play, you may be able to correct it with the method described here.

If you'd like the videos to be streamed, you could add them as a web object or similar from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.