maximise and minimise button for Video

Jan 16, 2017

HI All,

Is there any way i can add maximise and minimise button for video in storyline.

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Crystal Horn

Hello, Sinchu!  What type of video are you using? If you're including a regular mp4 video you won't have the option for full screen, but if you've embedded the video as a web object, you could still access the video controls associated with where the video is hosted on the web.

If you'd like to see full-screen options for .mp4 videos, would you mind submitting a feature request for our product development team?  Thanks for reaching out!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Sinchu!  Depending on the the type of video you're inserting and how you'll trigger playing it, you can get creative with how the video behaves.  Here are a couple of examples of animating an object in using cue points (your object would be the video), and zooming in and out of a video.

For more general information on these features, check out our User Guide articles on adding animations and the zoom option!

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