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Aug 07, 2014


I've been using SCORM 2004 to publish courses, but now I need to do a lot of work in SCORM 1.2

To my distress, I noticed Storyline doesn't report meaningful interaction ID values back to the LMS (I've tried LearnUpon and Scorm Cloud).

I would expect the interaction ID values to be the Quiz slide title. Instead, it´s always something like this: Scene1_QuestionDraw01_Slide1_MultiChoice_0_0

This is horrible. Please tell me it's something I'm doing wrong.


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Geralyn Richards

I have a similar question to this thread. The attached spreadsheet has AICC student question response data for 5 students reported from the LMS. The data is all from the same question but the interaction ID is different for each. What do the numbers at the end of the interaction id signify?

Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Geralyn.

It's hard to know for certain whether those Interaction IDs are being set by Storyline or by your LMS.  If you enable LMS Debug Mode, you can watch the quiz data flowing from the content to the LMS in real time, and this may help you to identify how and why those IDs are being established.

Good luck with your project, and have a great day!

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