Media Libary "Replace" not functioning correctly

Dec 16, 2022

I am able to use the Media Library to export audio and edit in an external audio editing tool. However, when I use the "Replace" feature to reimport the audio, although the name updates in the Media Library the audio file does not udpate. As a workaround, I go into Timeline import the new audio, and delete the old audio.


ps if you want to suggest use "Edit" in Media Library instead, please note that I have not been able to successfully use this features. (I posted separate a issue about that, it crashes Storyline).

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Anne De Felice

Thank you, Jurgen!! I appreciate that. However, I am still confused--what is the purpose of the "Replace" features down at the bottom?" (I copied a screen shot--it seems like the purpose is to import a new file.)


Also I'm not sure I understand what you mean by overwrite the file.