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Mar 08, 2016


I use a lot of short video clips in my learning elements. One issue I am facing is the inability to loop a video clip. I'm using the trigger "Play Media when the media completes", but this does not seem to work. 

Looping a short video clip is very important for us -- is there any solution for this problem?


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Achikam -- So sorry to hear that you are still experiencing difficulties, but there are a few things we can try to see if we can remedy the issue. First, you might want to try importing your file into a new file. And if you continue to have troubles, it might be a good idea to run through the troubleshooting steps listed here to see if you find improvement. 

Christie Pollick

Thanks for checking out Achikam's file and I was also saw the same behavior. I was able to locate an existing ticket where this issue has already been reported to our QA team for further investigation. I will be sure to add this post to that ticket so that any additional information or updates I receive are shared here. 

Also, Achikam, have you considered converting your video to a looping GIF, perhaps? Maybe that would do the trick, but it may not work for your purposes. Just a thought and hopefully others will have some additional ideas! 

Brian Allen
Achikam Oren-Gribnerg

Any thoughts?

While Christie follows up on the open ticket (thanks Christie!) I worked up an easy workaround that utilizes a variable.

Here are the basic steps (slide 5 in the attached .story file): 

  1. Created a numeric variable named "Video2" with a default value of "0".
  2. Left your trigger to start the video when the timeline started.
  3. Added a trigger to add "1" to "video2" when the media completes.
  4. Added a slide level trigger to play the media when "video2" changes.

There is a slight pause as storyline increments the variable and then restarts the video, but it loops consistently.

Hope this helps,


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