Media Triggers Not Working (see attached file)

Feb 09, 2018

Herewith is a file which contains 6 "when-the-media-completes" triggers.

It works on Storyline 3 but not on Storyline 360.

I need it to work on Storyline 360 (I have the latest update v3.12.14647.0).

Could you please help me find why it's not working?



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Michael Marcos

Hello Manuel,

I was able to get your presentation to play correctly in preview by changing the triggers from "When media completes" to "When timeline reaches" for both the Rectangle state changes, and the scrolling of your text in "Group 1". 

Fortunately, Storyline automatically auto-populates the time field for you and sets it to the time the audio ends for each trigger you had set  it to previously, so you don't have to manually put in the time-stamp for each trigger. 

I attached image ChangingTriggers.PNG for your reference.

Hope that helps.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Manuel,

It sounds similar to an issue we have with our team right now where the "When media completes" trigger using audio file, is not working on Preview. It does work in publish so you'd be okay once you'd published and uploaded your content to your server/LMS for playback. 

Our team is working on a fix for this so that the preview can continue to showcase the correct set up so we'll let you know here once that is ready! 

Manuel Aicart

Sure. If you want to replicate the problem you can take the file I attached (taxi-driver.story), then click on "Publish" > "Video".

The resulting video should have state changes in the progress bar, as well as scrolling, but it doesn't because I use "when-the-media-completes" triggers.

It works with when-timeline-reaches-cue-points triggers, but this doesn't work for me, since I have to replicate this exercise numerous times, and changing the cue points every time is too time consuming.

Edit: You can also replicate the problem simply clicking on "Preview" > "This Slide". You will see that the triggers do not work.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Manuel.  Thanks for those details.  I tested your file in our latest build of Storyline 360, and I can see that the trigger doesn't fire during Preview, or with the video output.  I'm going to document the behavior in the video output so we can address that problem as well.

The good news is, as Ashley mentioned, that we're working on a fix for the Preview issue to be released as soon as we can.  Also, other published outputs seem to be working fine.  

For now, can you publish your output to another format, like Articulate 360?  You could use Peek to make a screencast of your output playing properly, and Peek will generate an .mp4 file that you can use.  I realize it isn't ideal, but I don't want the lack of a working .mp4 file to hold you up in your work.

Let me know what you think, and thanks again for bringing this issue up!  I'll be sure to update you here if we have more information on the fixes to come.

Michel Gilbert

The "media completes" does not appear to be working in preview OR in the published course (web version). I make heavy use of it in a course that was working fine until a month or so ago - and I just figured out that it related to this. This course is due to my client in the next few days. Is there any word about when the fix will be out?

Unfortunately, the "timeline" kludge will not work for me. I have many media not triggered by the start of a lide or layer, but rather by clicking on an object.

Katie Riggio

Great news, Manuel and Michel!

To follow up on Crystal's post – I’m excited to let you know that we just released another update for Articulate 360, and you can check out the new features and fixes in the release notes!

One of the fixes addresses an issue in Storyline 360 where the 'when-the-media-completes' trigger did not work in Preview.

Simply launch the Articulate 360 desktop app on your computer and click the Update button for each application. Details here.

Please let us know how you make out!

Manuel Aicart

Hi Katie,

That's great news. I just updated it and checked. Everything works fine while previewing.

However, when I publish as video, the 'when-the-media-completes' trigger works with the scrolling avatars BUT not with the "change-state-of-the-rectangle" (the progress bar above the chatbot).

Could you please check? You can test it in the file taxi-driver.story I attached at the beginning.


Katie Riggio

I'm so happy to hear that you saw the fix in Preview, Manuel! 😊

Here's a Peek of what I saw after publishing the taxi-driver.story as video using the same Size and Quality settings. I checked in with my team on this, and we're awaiting a fix for the video output.

You're in the right place here, as this thread is marked to make sure we personally follow up with you as soon as the fix for video output is available!

Jacqueline Dawes

Hi Katie, I'm also having this problem 2 years later and created a discussion before I found this one. My media (a video) has a trigger to play at a cue point which works in preview no problem but doesn't work when I publish to video (instead it plays from the beginning of the timeline). 

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