Memory Game Template

Jul 30, 2012

Hi. I wanted to share this template with the community. It is for a memory game that some folks may find helpful. Here are the files:

Live Demo

Screenr How-to


Happy Monday!


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Stephanie Harnett

Thanks for the comments. This example, like the photo gallery, was inspired by and fashioned after a site or application I had previously come across and thought I could apply it in some way in the learning programs I develop. In this case, as Karen points out, it was that inspired me - they have several interactions worthy of study that can be adapted to the cognitive needs of your audience. What is terrific is that you can quite easily re-create to suit a particular environment using Storyline.

Inspiration (design, development, project management, theory, etc.) comes from many sources...the trick is carving out some time to research, play, adapt.



Stephanie Harnett

Hi Jilo. Thanks for your comments. There probably is a way with a little programming, off the top though, I think you can only randomize which bird is in which location. Since this is based on a drag and drop interaction, you could create 4 different birds and then randomize the "answers" tso that the birds appear in different locations each time you re-start or return to the slide.


Mary Kay Wagner

Hi Stephanie,

This is wonderful interaction. Peter Anderson tipped me off to your piece because I'm looking to create a Concentration game interaction (that's where you have to match pairs by turning cards over 2 at a time). I think I can adapt your idea by using hidden states and variables with static cards. Thanks for the leg up. mkw

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