Memory hog issues fixed in Storyline 3 ?


I am just wondering if the memory hog issues similar to below are fixed in Storyline 3 ?

Or, is there a 64-bit version of Storyline 3 available ?

I tried the fixes for the memory hog issues but in the end had to create separate projects in storyline 2 as it was using up to 2GB of RAM.

It would be good if it could all be one project.




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paul,

Storyline 3 is a 32-bit application, so no changes there. 

As for the memory issues, we haven't seen reports of this from other folks in the forums or Support cases yet. Within Storyline 2 it was connected to issues with the auto recovery features and the creation of all the temp files. We were able to include a fixes and documented steps here.

Have you run into a  new issue with Storyline 3? If so, we'd be happy to dig into the problem further. Just let me know and I can start a Support case for you (or you can open one up here)

Paul Robb

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the response.

Looks like there is similar issue in SL360 which is a suite of products that includes storyline 3 right ?

I have previously tried the workarounds and it does improve the issue, but not solve it.

I will try Storyline 3 to see if I get the same issue.



Leslie McKerchie

Hello Paul - Do let us know the results of your testing.

I took a look at the link you shared above and do not have anything conclusive to share about Nicola's case as she was advised to repair her software, but we have not heard back to verify.

Storyline 3 is not the same as the subscription based Articulate 360 suite, which includes Storyline 360.