Migrating to Storyline 3

Jul 26, 2017

Our IT department has Storyline 2 on the "approved software list" but we're hoping to move to SL 3. Does anyone have experience comparing the two versions? We'd like to have some "ammunition" to help push the IT team toward approving  SL3.

What were your challenges with v.2? What improvements have you seen since moving to v.3?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Keith! If "ammunition" is what you need, we've got it. 😁

This comparison chart is a powerful visual reference of all that's been added to Storyline since the release of Storyline 3 and Storyline 360.

Both versions included 35 new features, including our new responsive mobile player, vastly improved HTML5 output, HTML5-first and HTML5-only publishing options, closed captioning, dial interactions, and new triggers events and motion path options for enhanced interactivity. We're adding new features all the time--here's what we've got coming soon.

Check out this article to see how Storyline 3 stacks up against Storyline 360--better yet, download a free trial and see for yourself! 

Keith Shull

Alyssa: It looks like that page only talks about new "coming soon" features for SL360 - and not SL3. Am I seeing that correctly?

In our industry, security is essential, so cloud-based applications will never be approved. We def. are looking to see how SL3 performs compared to SL2. Other development teams at the company have been using SL2 for some time and have struggled with HTML5 output, among other things. In fact, I just got a note that "we in Learning Technology will need to spend more time assessing HTML5 capabilities in our authoring tools and in our LMS."

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Keith,

The "What's new, What's Next" page does focus on Articulate 360. The subscription, cloud based set up allows for more frequent and constant updates for features and fixes. 

For a breakdown of Storyline 3 and what features are included there, you can take a look at the general information page here. We also have the chart to help you compare Storyline 3 to 360 and other older versions. 

The release cycle of updates for Storyline 3 is not as often as Storyline 360, but it will include things noted here as fixed (that are not specific to 360). 

Hope that helps. 

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