Missing text letters in Storyline 360

Jul 17, 2020


I have had some feedback from testers that certain letters seem to drop from the text in Review 360. One user reported the 'f's missing in a Storyline review and another user reported the 't's missing in a Storyline block in a Rise course.

I have found some previous threads on this from 3 years ago and 12 months ago but there doesn't seem to be a definitive answer as to how to fix it.

The font we used is Ariel.

I cannot recreate this myself and apparently both users were viewing in a Citrix environment. With everyone working form home at the moment, this is not something we can avoid.

We will be uploading the final content to Workday Learning if that is helpful in any way!

Any advice appreciated - I just persuaded my company to invest in Articulate 360 and these are our first projects ... not creating a great impression so far :(

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Dave Cox

Hi Stella,

I had this problem awhile back, and in my case this was an issue with my users in IE. I was able to solve the problem with this information: https://articulate.com/support/article/Learners-See-the-Wrong-Font-or-Missing-Letters-in-Internet-Explorer

In particular, you may want to look at the last section labeled Learners.


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