Mobile Interface for Articulate Online/Storyline

We have many Articulate Presenter authors switching over to Storyline, and would like to use it for mobile content as well as web-based. Our corporate LMS is unwieldy, and we would jump to Articulate Online in a second if it had a mobile LMS user interace for mobile devices. You know...a mobile optimized place to organize and launch mobile learning assets for our learners.

Does anyone know if there is an easy, cost-effective solution out there? Hosting on our own servers is best, but a hosted solution is OK if the company has good security creds/processes.

Thanks for your help!

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Peter Anderson

Hi William, welcome to Heroes!

If I'm understanding you correctly, it sounds like Articulate Online, in combination with the Articulate Mobile Player app might be a solution for you. You can control the access your users get to courses through Articulate Online, and those users would be able to download the courses into their Mobile Player's library to store and take at their liberty (the caveat being they would need to be connected to the internet, i.e. not offline). 

Have a look at this tutorial and see what you think. Then, please, let us know if you have any questions.

And if I've completely misunderstood what you're looking for, feel free to ignore me

William Malone

The iPad player looks great, but might be limited. We really need a simple mobile LMS interface for tablets and smartphones with which to access content. We could easily use Articulate online to store and serve courses, but how would mobile users see a catalog of available content?

I really appreciate your response. I'm probably not describing my need articulately (no pun intended!), but I appreciate your thoughts.

Peter Anderson

Thanks for writing back, William.

I think a mobile-optimized version of Articulate Online would be fantastic. Care to share a feature request?

But in the meantime, here's what I was thinking: 

  1. Create your courses in Storyline
  2. Publish them to your Articulate Online account
  3. Manage your users and their access to your content through Articulate Online
  4. Using their web browser, when your users browse to and log into Articulate Online via iPad, they will be presented with your catalog of available courses, which will look something the below image (screenshot is of my Articulate Online content on iPad through Safari. Pardon the ugly testing names )
  5. When they choose to launch their course(s), the iPad will automatically launch the Articulate Mobile Player (if it's installed) or ask the user if they'd like to be redirected to download the Mobile Player
  6. Course will open in Articulate Mobile Player, at which point the user can take the course, save it to their library for later, and their progress will be tracked by you or another administrator through Articulate Online

What do ya think? 

William Malone

Peter -

Thanks for your response. This is a start for iPads...but doesn't really help us for iPhones or other Smartphone platforms. We could do almost all of our mobile development using Storyline if we only had a way to distribute it. We're currently working with a couple of companies that do this...Intuition and Drona...but they have proven tough to work with. Was just hoping that you guys saw the need to get into this game, because you always do everything so elegantly.

Let me know if you hear what others are doing that are in the same dilemna. Our is a big ship that is very slow to turn. But, if we can get in with a solid provider where we can work out the security problems quickly, we can get a head start.

Thanks for your consideration!

Susan Morin

Hi Willian,

You might consider giving AbsorbLMS a look.  They are HTML5, mobile ready and they play nicely with Articulate products (Storyline and StudioPro).  StudioPro will have there HTML5 version ready sometime this year.  You can get the LMS installed or on a hosted platfrom.  It is a full featured LMS, and easy to use.  Let me know if you would like more information.