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We'd like to deploy a course on an iPad using the mobile player. We'll be using TinCan API to collect the player interactions. We'd also like all the content downloaded to the device to assure a smooth experience. I'm just brainstorming any potential issues.

Could you give me any insight in these thoughts?

a) If the device looses connectivity to the net, then although the content is downloaded, the app will lock up and not launch based on not being able to pass the data to TinCan? That is, if we are collecting data we will always need an internet connection for the content to be viewable.

b) The environment we are deploying the iPads to potentially has some black spots in their WiFi network. If we were to lose the net mid course, what would happen?

c) Just generally, the data collection will work fine with the content downloaded to the app?



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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Dann.

The combination of Tin Can API and Articulate Mobile Player is not very friendly to environments with patchy connectivity, I'm afraid:

  • The Available Offline switch is unavailable for Tin Can API content, since the Articulate Mobile Player requires an Internet connection to track Tin Can API content and report it to an LMS.
  • If the learner loses connectivity while working on a Tin Can API course within the Articulate Mobile Player, they will likely encounter errors and lost progress of varying severity, depending on the seriousness of the outage.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.  Thanks!

Kiran Veeranki

Thank you Dann and Justin for the discussion. Its a valuable information for who are planning to go for iPad and Tin Can API.

We have developed a project for one of our clients which include the requirement of HTML5 output on iPad and Safari browser. The course has 35 slides with heavy animations and videos. In my observation on testing the course on iPad, the seek bar is not progressing smoothly and stops wherever layers are used, particularly in the interactive and quiz slides. Its progressing fine when all of these were not used. Once it stops, it remains the like that in the rest of the course.

I don't think there is a setting in Storyline to make the seek bar move smoothly. I am using iPad 4 and latest version of iOS. Is this due to the limitation in compatibility of HTML5 output on Safari browser or known issue in Storyline?



Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Kiran.

Choppy seekbar behavior on slides containing many objects is an issue we have seen occasionally and that we are currently determining how we might be able to improve upon.

Seekbar freezing after layer changes in HTML5 output, on the other hand, is a known issue that will be fixed in the next software update for Storyline.

Please let us know if you need anything else, and have a great day!

Dann May

Short of solving the dropout issue, which I'm hoping we can resolve, the hope was that we could download

the content, but still be connected to the net.  We are in Australia, and our net speeds are pretty

terrible, so anything we can do to have the content stored on the device is huge.

Basically our plan is to have a set of ipads deployed into the environment. Different users will be

logging into our LMS via those and running the courses. So let me ask you about caching or similar

techniques and how they impact on our decisions. Is it a case of the content being stored in the browser

cache for the html5 version?   Without the download ability of the player can we preload the content

in some way?  I imagine by running the course through once prior to deploying the device?

 Thanks for any help or further insight.