Modules have sound, no picture for iPad/iPhone users

Oct 26, 2016


Requesting your assistance with courses that go on iPad and iPhone modules. Our users are able to hear sounds, see the menu and status bar, etc. but no pictures. 

I checked the "enable mobile content" when uploading and am using Storyline v2. 

What am I doing wrong?

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Susi B


there is a known issue with iOS 10 at the moment, just google it and you can read a lot of bugs/issues reported because of the iOS 10 update. Users can´t watch videos either on LMS, videoplatforms which are not Youtube or even their own recorded ones. I hope Apple is working on it. You can even find here some discussions about this like this one or this one. Some LMS are already working on a fix from their sides, but like Moodle (which we use) there is no solution yet. Let´s cross the fingers and hope for an Apple update soon.

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