Moodle Articulate storyline compatibility

Mar 02, 2015

We use storyline for which we produce our online courses, they are then uploaded to Moodle as a scorm package, we use a small I.T Moodle "expert" to manage the  Moodle part for reporting and such, we have nothing but problems, then after paying a fee to our expert it is fixed, then bang more problems pay more fees get it fixed and that's how it's been going for the last two years, it started going wrong again last week, the suggestion was upgrade to the latest version of Moodle more fees, this weekend more complaints from some but not all of our fee paying customers that it's not working properly , now our "expert" says Moodle is NOT compatible with storyline, help what's you thoughts or ideas...

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

I'm sorry to hear about all the issues you've encountered - I can't imagine why your "expert" would be saying that Moodle isn't compatible with Storyline? Maybe they meant that particular version with a particular version of Storyline? What version/update of Storyline and Moodle are you using? Where did you connect with the Moodle expert? We have a number of users who utilize Moodle as their LMS, so hopefully they're able to chime in here. 

Also, just an FYI when you reply via email it includes your signature here in the post. You're welcome to edit and remove the information if you'd like. 

Dan Marsden

Moodle doesn't provide full support for the SCORM 2004 standard - particularly if you are using complex navigation and sequencing rules within your package but SCORM 1.2 and AICC packages should work fine and many basic SCORM 2004 packages should work ok.

You haven't mentioned the specific issues you are currently experiencing that has resulted in your expert saying that Moodle isn't compatible - can you elaborate on the problems you are having? - we might be able to suggest some possible solutions here.

Alex Stanton

Evening John


  Dan is quite right i made the same mistake starting out with Moodle spent half a week headbutting my desk before i found that out. .


It might be interesting if you publish your course as AICC & 1.2 as well as 2004 and run all three in tandem to see if you get the same problems.


(literally lifted off Moodle Documentation)

Supported Versions
SCORM 1.2 is supported in Moodle 2.1(or higher) and passes all the tests in the ADL Conformance test suite 1.2.7 for SCORM 1.2. The best place for information on SCORM 1.2 conformance is the SCORM Comformance Requirements documentation (PDF 3.4MB).
SCORM 2004 is not supported in Moodle. Parts of the API have been implemented, but others such as Navigation and Sequencing have not. Development on native SCORM 2004 support in Moodle has stopped. If you require a fully certified SCORM 2004 Player in Moodle, Rustici Software have a Moodle plugin which connects to their commercial SCORM Cloud service turning Moodle into a fully compliant SCORM 2004 LMS.
AICC objects are supported in Moodle 2.1 and higher.
Moodle does not support Tin Can at this stage.

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