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Mar 13, 2020

Hi all,

I think I have been looking at this too long and I need a second opinion on where I could be going wrong.

I have set up two tabs to be read, the first to return to its initial starting point once the second is opened and vice versa. I add T/F toggle triggers so that each picture will only follow the reverse path if it had actually moved in the first place. It works for the most part but I still end up in a position where the tabs overlapped if clicked in a certain way. 

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Steve Hazelton

Hi Charlie -

I'll start with why before I head out for the weekend, then try to figure out what to do about it if I have time and someone doesn't beat me to it.

I set up to show your variables so that I could see what they are doing (add a shape, then look for the Insert Reference button). The problem occurs if you click more than once on each tab. Your current setting doesn't always change the variable like you think it does (if a tab is extended, it should be True and get pushed back by the other tab). The variable changes when you click on the hotspot but not when you push the tab back. Here is what I mean.

Now to work on how to fix the variables, or go home and drink alcoholic liquids. Hmmm . . .


I think you need a few more triggers and possibly a variable or two.  Are you looking for something like this?  Link to Tabs Interaction.

If so, the SL 360 file is in the resources tab of the file. (I can't attach the files to the community from work).

The logic is based on tracking the current state or position of each tab and adding a condition on whether or not they should move when the opposite tab is clicked. Basically, move them both right if they are both left or move them both left if they are both right, else, only move the one that was clicked. Use the motion paths to update the position variables. (i.e. if you move left, update the position to left, if you move right update the tab's position to right.)


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