Motion paths


I've built an animation that makes a button move in a small circle, to highlight it if users click somewhere else without using the button first. It's working a treat, but, I get a blue glow effect around the button when it completes, which I don't want. Any ideas on how to stop this behaviour?  I thought I'd fixed it by selecting no direction under path options, but after clicking the button, the glow still appears.  The trigger just moves the object on the path when someone clicks outside the same object. I don't have a glow selected under picture effects. Here's a video showing the behaviour. Any help appreciated.



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Paul Williams

Thank you Wendy, you are absolutely right. What I don't get is why that state would add a glow. I didn't put it on when I created the 'selected' state, which is why I didn't think to look at that perhaps... but your wise advice has resolved it for me.. :) Thank you.