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Dec 16, 2015

Hello!  I'd like to know how to resize or move the feedback box (correct or incorrect) for individual quiz slides.  I know how to resize or move all of them using the Feedback Master, but I'd like to customize the feedback box on several slides so they don't hide background elements.  In the attached example, it would be good to put the box over the catalyst photo so it doesn't hide the quiz questions.  During our beta testing, several people asked us not to cover up the quiz questions with the feedback box.

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Wendy Fanning

Thank you Ashraf,

The slide layers show only the two text boxes ("Incorrect" and the feedback below) and the "Continue" button.  There is no layer for the outer box itself, and I cannot click on it in the slide.

When I'm in the Feedback Master, I can click on and modify the outer box, as well as the line between "Incorrect" and the feedback.  However, I want to do this for individual slides, not all of them.

ashraf Akbar

I will suggest you to go to the feedback master and work on one correct and one incorrect layer (place the text ect. where you want). Secondly, come back to the slide where you want to adjust the text on correct/incorrect layers and go to the layout option and select the feedback layers you worked on. 

See the example in attached file.

This should work!

Wendy Fanning

Thank you Ashraf, I see how this works, and it will work.  You created new layers in the Feedback Master, which can be customized slide-by-slide.

This will be a good option when starting to build a new course.  In my case, however, I have 32 quizzes in my course, and it looks like I will have to rework all 32 quizzes; I was hoping to change just a half-dozen or so quizzes.

However, even though this is more work, I like the results, and I will probably change all 32 quizzes.

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