mp3 sound sometimes not starting in the published course.

Dear all,

We have a client that reports the mp3 audio in a storyline course we made does not always start.

the course consists of several slides with audio following slides with video on it, also on the questions at the end there is audio.

The moment the first slide with audio fails to play, all other slides wont have audo either (except for the mp4 files) reloading the page often fixes the issue, meaning it's not a firewall issue. 

Any thoughts on this? we published with the latest version (december 2012). One of the people experiencing this issue reported having flashplayer


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Tom,

You mentioned one of the people having trouble hearing this audio is using a specific version of Flash - are there multiple users that are having trouble with hearing this audio? If so, do you know if they have anything in common? What browser and browser version are they using? Are they both using the same version of Flash?

If this isn't consistent, have they tried clearing their browser cache?

Also, is the content hosted on a web server, LMS, published for CD?