mp4 is not displaying for chrome and load error for firefox

Aug 08, 2012

Hi all,

My published piece of work does not display on chrome browser and encounter an ERROR: Could not load the file"story_content/data.swf" on firefox browser (using the story.html). I pretty sure i have the data.swf in the exact folder. 

Meanwhile, if i try open with the story_html5.html, chrome is displaying the mp4 page with a blank white screen. (not stuck as it will display other things on timeline other than mp4, the seekbar also running).

Any solution?

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Mike Enders


I am also experiencing something similar, but am unsure of what is causing it. Oddly, if I place the published output on a web server and then run it, Chrome will play it just fine.  I'm wondering if Google did some auto update to Chrome and it's now causing a local playback issue?  It's very frustrating!

In the meantime, I'm finding that IE9 is playing it okay.


Mike Enders


Actually, I think the question is, will Adobe or Google fix the problem.  Storyline simply outputs to MP4 which is a standard format.  So there's nothing Articulate can really do on that front.  Rather, the Adobe plug-in for Chrome is what went wonky.  The Adobe forums were pretty busy discussing it not too long ago.  For the time being, I've switched to IE9 for testing my Storyline output.


Gerry Wasiluk

One more reason why technology these days is often a mess for e-learning developers . . .  HTML5 vs. Flash vs iOS.  Different browser support for HTML5 and other things.  New version of Windows.  Flash support being weaned off for mobile.

Yucks, I'm getting a headache trying to remember it all. 

Thanks to our friends at Articulate for trying to help us out here as best they can. 

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